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Meet the Gateway Family

We treat our guests like family, so it’s only fitting that we introduce you to our family here at Gateway Studio Suites. Our hotel is truly blessed to have such an amazing group of people working to make your guest experience second to none.


Sylvia began her employment as a housekeeper but after a vacancy opened up in breakfast, she took it! She has been our full-time breakfast attendant ever since. Guests love her and it’s great to see her with a smile every day. She loves her job!


Simon is one of our full-time Front Desk Representatives. He has been with us for just over a year now. Simon is very precise and detail-oriented in his work. He will do anything for anybody, especially for our guests. You’ll never hear a complaint from him—he’s a great team player!


Sheila came to us from our sister property, Garden Place Suites at the end of 2011.She was a supervisor there, and was promoted to Head Housekeeper here at Gateway Studio Suite.She’s doing a great job and we are proud to have as part of our team.


Tilly is certainly one of our most loyal employees, having been with us since 1999! As lobby attendant, she takes great care of our public areas, including outside and around the pool area.The place is always immaculate and Tilly always approaches her work with a positive attitude.


Diane has been with us since the very beginning, making her our most loyal employee! As a long-time member of our housekeeping department, Diane can do it all. She currently is our amazing, full-time laundry attendant. It’s truly amazing how much she is able to accomplish in an 8 hour shift.


Margot recently joined our team as a part-time breakfast attendant on weekends. She is very precise and detail-oriented in her responsibilities, from cleaning to organizing. She enjoys talking to our guests, especially our military guests. She’s an extremely hard-working member of our team.


Richard has been our full-time night auditor since 2002! A dedicated and loyal member of our team, Richard has received nothing but praise from our guests. He takes a great pride in his job and comes to work every day with a smile. There’s no doubt he’s one of our most dependable employees.


Jojo came to us in January. She had previously worked in 2 different hotels doing housekeeping. She has a contagious smile and a personality to match! She is a great team player and never complains. Great asset to the team!


Dawn is one of our housekeepers and joins us with a great deal of housekeeping experience from all over the US. She has a wonderful attitude and is a great team player. Our hope is that she's with us for the long run. Welcome to the team!