Things to do at Sierra Vista, Arizona!

Taking its name from the Spanish words for “Mountain View”, Sierra Vista enjoys some of southern Arizona’s most pleasant weather and most spectacular scenery. Home to Fort Huachuca, the last active Army post in Arizona, Sierra Vista is a city with a proud military history. It’s also a year-round destination for outdoor enthusiasts and history buffs, who have come to explore the area’s abundant natural treasures and vibrant heritage.

Fun Things to Do in Sierra Vista

Bird Watching

A remarkable variety of bird species mingle in the skies above Sierra Vista, making our city one of the country’s top destinations for birding. Because of the area’s unique position at the intersection of five “life zones”, there are few other places where bird watchers can observe so many rare species, including nearly every variety of hummingbird native to the United States.


No Sierra Vista vacation would be complete without hitting the links for a round on one of our world-class golf courses. With amazing scenery, pleasant weather and some of the most unique terrain in the country, our city makes a fantastic destination for golfers.


Sierra Vista and the surrounding areas are rich with history and culture. From the distant, prehistoric past to the Wild West days of Wyatt Earp and Geronimo, this part of the country has been the site of some of the most fascinating episodes in US history. What will you discover?