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Friendly Hotel Rooms

Tops Among Sierra Vista Pet Friendly Hotel Rooms

Gateway Studio Suites is happy to welcome your animal companions (cats and/or dogs only) to join you here at our hotel. To ensure the comfort of all of our guests, the following pet policies apply:

  • Cats and dogs must be well-behaved and maximum of 75 lbs.
  • Housekeeping services for rooms with pets require the pet owner be present during cleaning, otherwise the pet must be crated.
  • No pets are permitted in the lobby, pool area or lounge/breakfast area. Pets may walk through the lobby as part of the pathway to an exit but are not permitted to remain in public areas.
  • Guests accompanied by pets are responsible for cleaning up after their pets; a Pet Waste Station is located outside, just east of the main entrance. Please use this designated “relief” area for your pets. Please use the plastic bags provided. Please clean up after your pets, both inside and out of the hotel.
  • All pets must be leashed outside of your room. If it is absolutely necessary to leave your pets alone in the room, they MUST be inside a crate or carrier to prevent potential damage to the room and to ensure the safety of the cleaning staff.
  • We have a “no-barking” and “no-biting” rule with all pets. Any such disturbances must be curtailed to ensure other guests are not inconvenienced.
  • Guests are responsible for all property damages and/or personal injuries resulting from their pet.
  • A non-refundable pet fee of $10 per pet, per night will be added to your room accommodation charges. Your room will be inspected immediately after check out and any damages will be assessed and charged accordingly.
    Any violation of this policy will result in eviction of the pet and pet owner. You will be responsible for lodging costs.

If you have any questions about our pet policies, please contact Gateway Studio Suites