Looking for Sierra Vista Meeting Rooms?

For everything from birthday parties to business meetings, you’ll find your ideal Sierra Vista meeting room at Gateway Studio Suites.

Our attractively appointed 350 sq. ft. meeting room can comfortably host up to 24 guests with theatre style seating, 18 guests with classroom style seating or 12 guests with tables arranged in a hollow square.

For gatherings requiring food or refreshments, we would be happy to arrange for event catering to suit the tastes and dietary requirements of your guests.

To plan your meeting or event at Gateway Studio Suites or to arrange a tour of our facilities, please contact our Sales Department, Dawn Cussins, at (520) 895-5150.

Meeting Amenities & Services Include:

  • Wireless High Speed Internet
  • Audio / Visual Equipment
  • Hard Wired Internet
  • Event Catering

Have Breakfast and Lunch with us.

Whether you are having a large meeting or a training session, a birthday or baby shower, The Gateway Studio Suites offers many delightful treats to satisfy your hungry guests.

If your event starts early, perhaps a full hot breakfast might be your choice. We offer omelets, sausage, bagels and several bread options, yogurt and cereal, oatmeal and fresh fruit, coffee, orange juice, water and more. Cost is only 6.50 per person.

We also have a light breakfast option that would include bagels, toast and cereal, yogurt and danishes, coffee and juice, milk and water for 4.75 per person.

Having to break for lunch can be difficult. Your guests don't know where to go to eat. They scatter around and come back late because the restaurant was busy or the idea of ordering pizza seems heavy and not too nutritious. Have a bright and healthy lunch from us.

We have beautiful trays of fresh meats like roast beef, ham and turkey, sharp cheddar and baby swiss cheese. White and whole wheat breads (gluten free options available upon request), fresh lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and condiments, vegetable and fresh fruit tray, mixed bags of chips and several types of cookies for dessert. A mix of different sodas and bottled water. Only 8.50 per person

If a large meal is not what you are looking for, how about a "snack attack" option? We have two kinds of snack attacks: a salty snack option that includes mixed chips, corn chips and salsa, mixed nuts and pretzels, mixed sodas and water for 5.75 per person. Perhaps you and your guests have a sweet tooth. We have a sweet snack option that includes vanilla ice cream bars with a chocolate coating, a mix of different cookies, and bowls of M & M plain and peanut for 5.75 per person.

Another option is lunch-to-go for guests who need to go to work early or anyone who comes to Sierra Vista to visit our parks and outdoor activities. Let us know the night before you request a lunch to go and we will provide you an order form to fill out. We offer ham and cheese, plain cheese (cheddar or swiss), roast beef and turkey with cheese or without, and peanut butter and jelly. Your lunch will also include a piece of fresh fruit, chips of you 6.50.